Leadership styles in practice

This post is a simple homework exercise for trainees from an ongoing leadership training.

As you will learn in training, according to Blanchard and Hersey there are different potential styles for leading. Read each of the following examples of leadership and put them into categories where the phrases, according to you, all look to indicate the same style:

  1. CEO to CFO: “I need you to cut costs by 8% next year”
  2. Daughter to Sister: “Put your hand there. Now pull a little. No, left a bit. OK. Now, lift up your hand and put it there.”
  3. Manager to employee: “How do you think we should approach this project?”
  4. Consultant to client: “The best thing we can do is implement the service change in 3 phases. First we will do this, then you need to do that, the final step is…”
  5. Mother to son: “I think the best way to do it would be to close your books and just test your memory. What do you think?”
  6. Manager to employee: “What’s your idea for this? “
  7. Mother to son: “Can you deal with the washing please darling?”
  8. Manager to colleague: “If we tell them it’s in their benefit, they’ll surely be motivated. What’s your idea on this?”
  9. Father to daughter: “Put your hand on the rail. Now move this leg. No, THIS leg. OK. Now, move your hand up. Here, let me help you. That’s it, much better. The other hand needs to go here…”
  10. One colleague to another: “If we try it like that, it might work. Do you agree?”
  11. Manager to assistant: “Can you type this report for Monday please?”
  12. Manager to employee: “How do you think we can best improve profit next year?”

You’ll get an overview of the styles (and the answers) in training. Non-trainees can always email me: mail@dansteer.com for more information…

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  1. A way to categorize them might be:
    Cat 1: 1
    Cat 2: 2 4 9
    Cat 3: 3 5 6 8 10 12
    Cat 4: 7 11

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