Leadership styles in practice

This post is a simple homework exercise for trainees from an ongoing leadership training. As you will learn in training, according to Blanchard and Hersey there are different potential styles for leading. Read each of the following examples of leadership and put them into categories where the phrases, according to you, all look to indicate […]

5 simple tips to help you deliver conf-call trainings

I just spent an hour and a half on conf-call with 3 people, sharing training information from a session they missed last year. This post gives 5 simple tips on how to do this well. During a 4-day Project Mgt Round-Table initiative, each afternoon was dedicated to learning people and behavioural skills. The afternoon they […]

How L+D professionals handle training cancellations and absences

This report treats the subject of how different organisations face up to trainee cancellations and absences.  On the 12th May 2010, I asked 34 Learning Managers and HR professionals from around Belgium the question:  “How do you deal with trainee cancellations and absences in your organisation?” Of the responses received by email and telephone, answers […]

How to develop and facilitate brainstorming sessions

As part of its Continuous Improvement strategy, SITEL is globally rolling out Six Sigma. The training on brainstorming Dan delivered recently constitutes an excellent add on to this development, facilitating the link between analyse of data and specific improvement initiatives. It allows our Yellow, Green and Black Belts to perform their improvement tasks even more […]

How to develop and facilitate brainstorming sessions (2)

Sitel is a performance improvement driven company. “Green is not good enough”. We are constantly moving forward and constantly looking for ways to improve. The goal of my department is to support our corporate objectives through learning and development for all Sitel associates. Our success is that of the individual. Having followed a public training […]

Welcome to me + highlights of 2010

To support the kick-off of my site at http://flavors.me/dansteer here is a little information about me, by means of my 2010 top activities: 444 different people trained in communication, leadership and personal effectiveness –> 725 man/days of training 46% growth on 2009 revenue Lots of sub-contracting work for Kluwer and Cefora; also started with Febelfin […]